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Unique Trailered Events

We had our first Wedding Event with our new business Unique Trailered Events yesterday. This was a quite the undertaking project for our family, but we couldn't be happier with the results. Please let your family and friends know "Betty White" is ready for rental! You can use it for any occasion as a Mobile Drink, Coffee, Dessert, Makeup, or Jewelry Bar. Please contact me if you are interested in renting! The before and after pictures are insane. I went outside my comfort zone and realized how much I really enjoy wood working. Now I know the hype with it being so therapeutic. I had a vision and made it come to life and I'm so grateful to my family and friends for your support. Danny, thank you again for always helping us with our projects. You're the Man! Daniel Stuart #UniqueTraileredEvents #KerryParadisPhotography #LiveInTheMoment #SupportLocal

Please Checkout our website:

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